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Emmie being a cat

I have taken more photos of our sleeping cat.  She is one of the best cats I have ever seen.  I can even trim her nails and she doesn’t care.  She is so sweet and trusting.  She isn’t as loving as our last cat but I hope that she will grow into a lap cat the older she gets.  She is still a kitten and prefers play over too many cuddles.  

Here she is stretched out on our bed.  

I air out the bottom sheet each day before I make the bed up.  I don’t know if it does anything but I always feel like it is cleaner if the sun can get to the sheet for at least half an hour.  

I love the markings on her face.  

Do you see that plant in the background?  That is the plant that I had to move out of our living room (where it was perfectly happy) into our bedroom.  Emmie Cat thought it was a great place to pretend she was a jungle cat.  

The plant still did well in the bedroom and even has two white flowers starting to form.  But, Emmie will run and jump right into the middle of the flower every chance she gets.  We did let her sleep in our bed with us at night but stopped when we began to be woken up by the sound of her shredding my plant.  We gave her two chances to stop and then threw her out.  Now, we keep the door shut at night so that she can’t kill the plant and keep us up all night while she does it.  

This morning, I moved the plant up onto my Chester drawers so that hopefully she will leave it alone during the day as well.  The plant was beautiful and full but now most of the leaves are pressed down in the middle and hang off the sides.  

She is not allowed in the kids room at night either since she makes too much noise chasing one toy or another.  

Here is Emmie Cat telling me in her own way to get the camera out of her face and let her sleep!

I still have to post about our wonderful doctor. He really is one of the kindest people I have ever met.

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