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Family ties are knotted forever

What I find amazing is that our family is functioning as if Angel was never was a missing member. Well, she hasn’t been missing via the internet or the phone. However, physically she hasn’t been here since December.

Isn’t it great how family is always just family? I have known times when I hadn’t seen my cousins or my aunts or uncles for years. Yet, after a few minutes pass and we have all hugged and said our hellos and boy the kids are getting bigs…we pick up where we left off. We start teasing and telling jokes and stories about the past that we shared.

It’s the same with Angel and I think it always will be even if she continues to live her life in America. She will visit France and we will pick up where we left off just after we have said the hellos and boy you are getting bigs. Someday, I will be changing the boy YOU are getting big with boy your kids (my grandkids) are getting big. Scary.

However, I will always secretly hope she will either decide to live here in France within the next few years or at the very least meet a handsome and charming Frenchman when she is much older which will keep her here in France nearby. Hopefully, she doesn’t take him back to America with her. Now, that would be just my luck!

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  • carra June 12, 2006, 4:50 pm

    Yes you are so right here Pumpkin, family just picks up where it left. I do hope for you that she will end up moving to France and living with you that way you’ll never have to think and analyze these things… But the future will show. And about grandkids, well it’s still some time left before you become granny so you better live your life to the full! Frenchman idea is brilliant! And hopefully she could fall in love with France too….

  • Pumpkin June 12, 2006, 5:37 pm

    Yes, I hope so, Carra. Don’t worry I’m not even thinking Granny, yet! I think this year she is feeling more at home in France. She gets mad when we speak only in French but I explained that she understands more in French than she realizes. Then, we went through all the words and sentences she understands and even I was surprised to see how much she has learned. However, she has been hearing French almost daily since she was four. Before I even met my husband she could count to 10 in French and tell her name. I was just down the other day. But, since then I have been putting it all in perspective. She is only 10 so there is much time for things to change…she will be a better and wiser person due to her exposure to France.

  • bReal June 12, 2006, 7:12 pm

    I am happy to hear that things are going well with your daughter being in France. I just went to my brother’s over the weekend for his birthday party and my nephew’s. My niece is 13 this month and my nephew just turned 14. My niece is almost as tall as me and my nephew towers me! But things don’t change so much. They are wonderful and although I no longer can hold them in my lap and rock them to sleep, we have a great time together. Family, with all its complexities, really doesn’t skip much of a beat…at least not mine. We can live very far away from one another, grow and change, but when we get together…we are always family.

    You are really opening your children up to so much and that is so commendable. Have a wonderful summer together!

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