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Finding my French accent

The other day my husband asked me, “Did you hear that?” “No, what? I answer, knowing full well what he was talking about.
We were all sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch and Boy Blue was fussy. Petite Clown put down her plastic fork and exclaimed, “Boy Blue-uh!”
My husband responded, “What? You did not hear that my daughter is French?”
My American response, “WHATEVER.”

The fact that both my daughters put “uh” after several English words does not mean they are more French regardless of how much my husband loves to rub it in.

Stop is not stop. Stop is stop-uh. No is not no. No is no-uh. Mine is not mine. Mine is mine-uh.

It was perfectly fine until the other day while walking down the flight of stairs to go outside. That is when, like a real French, I sternly said, “Sweet Bear-uh. Just go down!” She was blocking the stairs and I was a bit upset with her as she was doing it on purpose knowing that I would be upset with her. This is her favorite game. She is three. These power games are a fact of life. However, I just could not believe I, actually, said, “uh” so naturally after a word.

I am becoming French!
I must call my mother and tease her that her daughter is getting a French accent.

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