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Freiburg, Germany

Who said Germany did not have pretty cities? Whoever did obviously has not been to Freiburg, Germany! Freiburg is beautiful and full of things to do and see. My husband and I very much enjoyed our day well spent there. The children were not bored as usual walking in the streets of Freiburg. Freiburg is full of little surprises like the water streams and mosaics strewn throughout the city.

Freiburg is a large city nestled in the Black Forest, but as you walk the streets it feels more like a village. Freiburg has around 200,000 inhabitants and 30,000 students. The city has a college atmosphere with students riding bikes or lounging in front of cafes or restaurants along side tourists and others. We even found a Starbucks in Freiburg. I do not care for the coffee at Starbucks. However, I love Starbucks hot chocolate! It has been over two years since I enjoyed hot chocolate from Starbucks.

Freiburg has lots to offer tourists and even more I suspect for the people lucky enough to call Freiburg home. I wish Freiburg were a French city because I would not think twice about moving there! I mean it.

If you ever, ever have the chance to visit Freiburg jump at it! Here is a link to the tourist website for Freiburg, Germany. Please click on the appropriate flag for your language. Click here for Freiburg!

Freiburg, Germany has a beautiful cathedral that did not sustain much damage during World War II. However, the city of Freiburg was damaged greatly and later rebuilt following its medieval layout. While we were there a small market was just in front of the cathedral.

As you walk around Freiburg you must literally watch your step not only so you don’t miss all the great mosaics. But, you may fall into a bit of water along the way if you are not careful! There are little streams all over the city with small planks of wood or blocks of stone to aid in crossing over.

It is magical and my children were completely delighted to run across back and forth over each small bridge. It was amusing to say the least. The streams are called Bachle and were built nearly 600 hundred years ago as a water supply to fight fires. There is a local tradition that if any visitors fall into the bachle they must marry a freiburger. Wonder what happens if you fall in but you are already married to a frenchman and have four kids?

The sidewalks in Freiburg, Germany are covered with dark pebbles from the Rhine. These sidewalks require much time and much skill from the three workers who keep these sidewalks in almost perfect condition. The shop owners do share in the cost of this daily maintenance. The mosaics are artistic creations of medieval trade symbols. A boot mosaic is placed in front of the door of a shoe shop and an ice cream cone in front of the ice cream parlor.

It was very original and great fun to discover each shops unique mosaic. The sidewalks are truly beautiful and you will find more shops than you could visit in a month lining street after street of Freiburg.

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