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From Les Reussilles to Tramelan

We took advantage of the sun and caught the train to Les Reussilles and then walked to Tramelan.

From Tramelan we headed up into the mountains using a road with few cars. The road led to a farm at the top of the mountain with no outlet. So, we turned back around and headed back down into Tramelan where we caught the train back home after picking up items to make tacos for dinner at Denner.

We aren’t used to walking in the heat and took it slow stopping often to drink water during our four hour walk.

It was hot!

Summer is definitely here after we barely had a spring.

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We started out our walk stopping a moment to watch these beautiful horses graze. The field was covered with tiny yellow flowers.

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I felt bad for this horse who kept trying without success to shake off the flies around its face. He looked miserable.

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The other two horses seemed the perfect picture of traquility.

Les Russilles
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Les Reussilles is in the back.

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The sky was like out of a movie.

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We often pass through these gates on our walks. If you look on the right hand side of the photo you will see a wooden passage that you can slip through. All of this is to keep the cows and horses from escaping while allowing hikers to pass through.

The trail from Les Russilles
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This is the first time I have ever seen a path made like this in Switzerland. I think it was made to keep back the lush growth of the forest. I saw a spider run across my path every step.

Just passing through
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Here is a close up of the wooden passage that you can easily slip through.

Cat on a stump
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We found a cat sitting pretty as a picture on a stump enjoying the shade.

The trail we took to Tramelan
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This is the path we followed to Tramelan from Les Russilles.

The view was spectacular and we could see far.

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The train passed under the bridge we were crossing in Tramelan.

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Tramelan from the mountain that we walked up. I took this photo about a third of the way up.

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We passed a quarry and it made me sad to see it right in the middle of all those trees and flowers. In the photo it looks miniature but it was pretty big. It made me think about a book I read for my environmental philosophy class I took in college. In the book, American Indians described these types of sights as the raping of mother nature by man. That class opened my eyes.

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Cows keeping watch over Tramelan in case any people try to escape.

They knew the road was a dead end at the top of the mountain so they weren’t worried about us getting away. They knew we’d be back even if we didn’t at the time. Sneaky cows!

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The flowers were incredibly beautiful. I love wild flowers.

Just above Tramelan, Switzerland
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A photo to give you an idea of what the scenery was on the way up and down.

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We watched the horses across the train tracks as we waited for our train home.

We see elderly (I do hate that word) people working on their farms and in their gardens, hiking in the mountains, riding bikes and generally keeping up active lives like I have never seen in any other country. Today, while waiting on Vilay a man about eighty hit on me after making me blush because he was looking me up and down! The man asked me if I wanted to go on vacation with him just before Vilay joined me. After he saw Vilay he whispered to me that we would go in his car for our vacation and Vilay could take the bus. ;)

Vilay thought it was hilarious.

I thought it was sweet. But, if he had been any younger I think I would have had to worry!

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  • SwissGuy June 21, 2008, 11:31 pm

    I think the path with the wooden planks on the sides might be a jogging track…

  • expatraveler June 22, 2008, 4:11 am

    Oh how much fun! The pictures are beautiful.

  • sissi June 22, 2008, 10:25 am

    4 hour walk! You guys are great

    We went to a forest near my home yesterday , it had a path too.

    I will post pictures

    We went to Biel, I don’t like this place at all (you will see the pictures of the lake and understand why)

    Summer here is awesome, so much to do, so much to see!
    I love it

  • Pumpkin June 24, 2008, 10:18 am

    That would explain why it was being kept clear. There are so many ways to keep fit here and I love the mobility.

    It was a nice day but I have get used to heat again. This weekend was HOT!

    I left a comment on your blog about what I think about Bienne. I don’t care for it either and Vilay and I will never go back there again because why would we when there are CLEANER cities to visit! I think it is a shame because Bienne has much so offer if it were just cleaned up. There is a smaller city, Nidau, that touches Bienne that I did like. It is cute, quiet and clean. When Vilay wanted to move to Bienne I told him no way would I live in Bienne but I would consider living in Nidau which is Swiss German. French speaking children can go to school in Bienne. However, we aren’t going to move to that area of Switzerland. We have narrowed down where we would like to live which is the Lausanne area once we find jobs and have the funds to move.

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