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Gift from above

My leg muscles stretched in happiness as we walked in Lingolsheim yesterday. For a little over an hour and a half we passed by bakeries and shops. Window displays were full of flowers, little yellow chicks, eggs and rabbits. Trees and bushes were bursting with color. At some points the sidewalk was littered with fallen pink flowers. Petite Clown giggled at the flowers strewn all around her feet.

Vilay and I couldn’t talk much. The sidewalks were too small for two strollers side by side or one vehicle or another was parked half on and half off the sidewalk leaving little or no room for navigation. We didn’t mind. We needed to be out in the sunshine with the soft song of birds at every corner. We didn’t need to talk.

We were on our way back to the car when I heard a strange sound from above. My first reaction was to close my mouth and eyes. I thought it was someone throwing something out their window onto us. I have had many rugs either shaken or beaten just above me as I passed below a window. Once in Strasbourg, a little girl around four years old threw tampons out of her window three stories above us. Thankfully, the tampons were all fluffy white where she had opened and played with them. All. were. unused.

It is safe to say that I am prepared for dirt or objects to fall from the sky at any moment.

Yesterday was no exception.

After what must have only been few seconds in time, I opened my eyes. I had felt nothing fall on me. Relief filled me and I began walking and thinking about the beautiful weather. I didn’t even make the first step when I heard Petite Clown screaming in a surprised and shrill voice, “MAmaaaaa! MAmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

I had figured out what was wrong before I even looked.

What I saw was not from a window.

It was an unwelcome gift from a bird flying above.

It seems that Petite Clown is still a poop magnet.

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