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Half a thousand worries

I can only hope that one day the current men in power will lose their power and that men of intelligence and respect for other cultures and countries will come into power. But that will not happen as long as other men blindly follow leaders that promote hate and ignorance.

We teach our children to be kind to others and to work their problems out in non- violent ways because there are consequences for actions. Yet, men in power act like two year olds and the consequences are real. The pain is real.

I still hope that one day children all over the world will know peace and love instead of war and hate.

The picture shown is of a Darfur demo at the White House on 9/8/05 featuring dozens of placards using 500 worry dolls representing the daily number of unnatural deaths in Darfur each day.

Click on the picture to learn about the photographer and to see more pictures from this photoprapher.

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