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Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Fathers are the quiet strength that we fall back on when times are tough.


Papa with all his kids in Strasbourg.

Papa is always fun because he will run all around the playground chasing us fast, fast…FAST! Afterwards, Papa bounced with all his girls on funny cars.

Papa is fun.


Angel says:
I love Papa because he takes care of me and loves me.

Sweet Bear says:
I love Papa. Papa is nice and lets me sit on his shoulders when I am too tired to walk home. Happy Papas Day!

Petite Clown:
I love Papa because he tickles me and makes funny faces at me to make me laugh. Papa is funny.

Boy Blue:

Loves to sit in Papa’s arms and watch him play computer games or watch tv. He loves to climb over Papa’s back and tries to stand just to get applause from Papa. He loves his Papa.

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