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Happy Halloween!

I worked at the mall for six hours today until five.  Then, we rushed home to eat and get the kids ready for trick or treating which began at six.  I had to dress them and put make-up on their faces.  I sprayed Petite Clown’s hair straight up.  She looked adorable as a little red devil.  Sweet Bear was a beautiful mean witch.  She insisted that she was mean because she wanted to scare all the monsters away.  I have to give her credit.  She only got scared once.  It was a spooky house with music and screaming coming out of speakers.  Boy Blue was a happy clown complete with red nose and clown eyes.

The houses were decked out with ghouls, witches and pumpkins.  One house even had smoke coming from a yard full of tombstones and spiders.  A block of houses blocked off their street and had a bon fire going in the middle of the street.  Around the bonfire the residents sat handing out candy.  There was a table set up with punch and treats that the residents or anyone else could enjoy.  I like trick or treating in my dad’s neighborhood because everyone is so friendly and really get into the spirit of it.  The streets are lined with older trees and fallen leaves cover the sidewalks.  It was a perfect warm night for trick or treating.

We all had a great time.  Vilay loves Halloween as much as I do.  We love going down the streets to admire all the costomes and decorations.  It is really just alot of fun.   

I just finished going through all the candy from the kids trick or treating.  They did good!  Each child had a bucket full.  Boy Blue couldn’t carry his so his Papa took over for him.  By the end of trick or treating Papa and Mama were taking turns carrying the bucket of candy or the baby.  Baby was too tired to walk. 

Sweet Bear ran up to each house and said, “Trick or Treat!” in a happy loud voice.  She said thank you and even Happy Halloween by the end of the night.  She told me about one hundred times how much fun she was having and that she loves Halloween. 

Petite Clown was too afraid to say anything to anyone.  At the beginning of the night she would cry each time someone reached out to give her candy and I would have to push her bucket forward so that the candy could drop in.  Later in the trick or treating she would run up to the house and stand without crying but she still wouldn’t hold up her bucket. 

At one point both of the girls were walking in front of me hand in hand…my little witch and my little devil.  It was just too precious for words.  Sweet Bear was telling Petite Clown how to say trick or treat and that she had to hold out her bucket for the goodies.  It was sweet. 

The  two girls have put aside some special sweets and treasures for their big sister, Angel.  They are always thinking of her.  We are all looking forward to her visit in just a few weeks. 


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  • blueVicar November 1, 2006, 4:11 pm


    I’m out reading Halloween related posts by expatriate (and repatriate) bloggers…and putting the links to them on my blog. I was swept up in your posts and read a bunch…I hope things go well where you are.

    Meilleurs vœux!?

  • Maria November 1, 2006, 4:48 pm

    You made my day with this post! You must be tired, but happy. Have a good day.

  • L'Amerloque November 1, 2006, 5:56 pm

    Hi Pumpkin !

    This sounds like it was wonderful, indeed: one of the best parts of America. Amerloque is sad that his kids never did manage a trickortreat circuit in the USA. Carving out jack o’lanterns here just wasn’t quite the same … (grin)

    Happy Halloween !

  • Pumpkin November 3, 2006, 3:18 am

    It was a wonderful night and Sweet Bear is already planning for next year. She finally accepted that Halloween is only once a year.

    Hi! I only got homesick once a year while living in France and it was always around Halloween until after Thanksgiving that it happened. I love fall in midwest America.

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