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Happy New Year from Strasbourg, France!

It is 24 minutes past the New Year, 2006! I can still see and hear the celebrations going on all around us.

In France on New Years Eve it is legal to set off fireworks. And boy do they!

All members of our family have been running from the front living room windows to the back kitchen windows to admire one explosion after another of color. C’est impressionant! To say the least.

The air is now so think with smoke that it is sometimes hard to even see the colors of the fireworks!

We have cracked some of the windows so that we can hear the fireworks going off and feel the thrill of each boom!

Sweet Bear saw and heard a pretty big one go off and exclaimed, “BOOM!”

All of the girls are full of energy and happy to stand at the windows. Angel Girl has taken turns holding each of her little sisters up to see out of the front window. Boy Blue has taken it as a great opportunity to pull his sisters hair while Mama holds him just behind them joining in the fun.

All I can say to describe this is that there are fireworks being set off all around us. I can see people just in front of my apartment and on each end of the street and all behind setting off various kinds of fireworks. I can pull up a chair from the kitchen table and sit watching the fireworks out the kitchen window. It reminds me of sitting on a riverbank watching fireworks on the forth of July. Sometimes, with the old buildings and the night sky filling with the sight and smell of smoke not to mention the sounds, it makes me think of World War II movies.

In France I have found that the hand of history has a way of shaping and molding the future. I love living in a country where each day I am reminded how wonderful and fragile this world is that we live in.

My New Years resolution is to be the best person I can be and to find the good in everyone. I want to focus on the positive in life. Everything else is a waste.

Happy New Year to you all!

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