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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Turkey Day! Gobble, gobble.

I am a little sad today because every Thanksgiving and Christmas of my life in America had been spent with my entire family. My mother and father are divorced but still spend holidays together with us, “kids” and the “grandkids”. It is so my brother and I do not have to run from one house to the other or worry that we will not have the time to go to both houses. My father’s wife, of five years, is French-Canadian. So, it was interesting having dinner with French and English filling the room. My French husband loved Thanksgiving as much as any American. He loved the food! His family does not even celebrate Christmas together now that he and his brother are grown. They do not even call each other on Christmas. It is strange for me having grown up in a family where holidays are family days. So, living in France is hard on these holidays without my extended family whom I love and miss very much.

We usually had a turkey, ham, sweet potatoes (I personally think this dish is yucky!), greenbeancassarole, mashed potatoes, potato salad or maccaroni salad, corn (on the cob or not), stuffing (cooked in the turkey and not cooked in the turkey), cranberry sauce (another yucky dish that my family loves) garden salad on the side, deviled eggs, pies (pumpkin, pecan, apple), cakes (german, carrot), breads (rolls, pumpkin or banana), drinks (soda pop – at least three choices, beer – at least three choices, wine – at least two choices, coffee), and various other dishes depending on who is doing the majority of the cooking and the mood of the year. But, these I have listed are the staples of Thanksgiving for my family year after year. Thanksgiving is just not the same without each of them.

It generally takes my family around an hour to an hour and a half to eat all of this. Actually, that is pretty fast considering the shear volume of food that is consumed. You are not allowed to leave the table until you must at least undo the top button of your pants in order to breath normally. After reaching this “I am completely stuffed like the turkey I just ate” feeling you are excused from the table to sit in front of the television and watch the traditional Thanksgiving Day Star Wars Episodes that run back to back just for this special day and Christmas day or perhaps an occasional Thanksgiving Day parade or two. Thankfully, my family does not watch American football on Thanksgiving Day like most American families. I do not nor will I ever understand this game where grown men run two feet before they pile on top of one “lucky” guy who guards a stupid ball under his now pancake crushed body. I just do not get it!

What I am thankful for? That’s easy! My family.

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