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Hard decisions

When we went to Fribourg a little while back, I had mentioned that there was an opportunity there.

I traveled there for an interview for a position with a company. It was for good money and it would have been nice on my resume for Switzerland not to mention a great learning experience in an international environment.

The problem was that I didn’t feel the move.

I was so stressed that I couldn’t sleep, had headaches which I rarely get, started gaining weight (I eat when stressed) and had this overall feeling of dome in the face of an opportunity I should have been jumping for joy over.

I have realized that I don’t want to leave the Jura.

We are safe here.

My kids play outside with their friends and I don’t worry. I am feeling more and more settled here. Perhaps it shows and that is why more and more villagers seem to be opening up to me. Daycare was a problem in Fribourg. If I have to leave my kids in the care of others, I am only comfortable doing so with a daycare which is a school like environment. There are no open places in any daycare in Fribourg. We have a daycare here in the Jura which can take all three of my children today.

Silly, that as I write this tears are pressing hot in my eyes at the thought of what money being waved in my face almost tempted me to do. I feel with all my heart that it would have been a big mistake especially for my children.

They love living here.

It is true that my kids need new clothes, bikes, scooters, shoes, beds and we need a couch, new bed, clothes and Chester drawers.


We can live without those things for now. We will buy them later when I find a job closer to or in the Jura.

It is more important that we are safe and that we are happy which we are.

It took this ‘opportunity’ to open my eyes to the fact that our luck is in the Jura.

It has been starting the day we moved here.

Even if I don’t feel totally comfortable living in a village, I am happy to stay here for my children.

I love my kids and they are my first priority.

Besides, this village really is starting to grow on me. In a good way.

I am following my heart as I make my own luck.

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  • expatraveler May 31, 2008, 4:13 am

    I think loving where you live is most important. Hey I’m a perfect product of that sentence… And well I’m sure something more can come up later on… When it’s right, you will know it!

  • lapagefrancaise May 31, 2008, 3:31 pm

    I love this post. It’s so wonderful that you have found a place where you feel comfortable and safe for raising your children. Some things really just are more important than money.

  • Pumpkin May 31, 2008, 9:09 pm

    I agree that you have to love where you live. Right now, we are good here and it gives us a chance to explore our options before jumping into something we would regret later.

    I agree that some things are more important than money. I don’t worry about my kids when they play outside at five and four years old. I check on them often and can see them from the windows but I am not afraid for them and that is something new. I would have never done that in the States or Strasbourg.

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