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Hard one


Sweet Bear is stubborn.  Each day is hard with her and for her.  She wants everything her way or no way.  Of course, she doesn’t get her way.  But, that doesn’t keep her from trying.

Yesterday, we were waiting for Vilay in the car while he changed our address with La Poste.  All of our mail is currently being forwarded to America.  Hopefully, it will be stopped within a few days and come to our address here in France. 

We were sitting and singing, the kids and I.  Sweet Bear stops singing.  The happy notes of song are replaced with a nasty face.  I ask her what is wrong.  She tells me that the car parked next to her is white.  I say, “So?”  Sweet Bear explains that she doesn’t want a white car but a blue car.

I tell her we don’t live in a video world and that the car is white because it is white.  That is real.  That is life. 

The car pulls out and she is happy.

Not five minutes later as we are again in song Sweet Bear stops singing.  This time she has a huge smile and look of victory on her face. 

Guess why?

In place of the white car that left a blue car pulled in. 

I give up.

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  • Cathy Y. February 13, 2007, 4:05 pm

    That’s just a bit too coincidental for comfort, Pumpkin! :-)

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