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Heart sings in the sun

As I am sitting here enjoying this blissfull moment of quiet (meaning no screaming children), I can actually hear the birds chirping away right outside our window. I hear car doors shutting and cars driving by. I can see the green of leaves being tickled gently from underneath by the breeze. It is heavenly. Maybe, a nap is in store before all the children wake up from their slubbering dreams and chase away the birds songs?

I *heart* warm weather.

Me thinks that the south of France would be very agreeable for this Floridian child.

I was born in Florida and even if I have never been back since I was a newborn, I cannot tolerate the cold or the snow. Looking at it is one thing (snow can be beautiful), but having to actually get out in it is a whole other ballgame.

Enough talk about snow! I am going to go and lay on the couch and bask in the sun’s rays. My heart will sing in the glory of the sun and my dreaming mind will rest in the softness of sleep.

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