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Here’s to good health


Boy Blue is better.

He had four chest massage sessions. It was horrible each time. The look on his face during these sessions reminded me of when I was in labor with him. I think he felt like I did…helpless.

He cried and struggled against her. But, all he could really do was wait until she finished. However, he is truly the sweetest baby. After she did this to him, was he afraid of her or did he hold it against her? No.

Once he was safely in Mama’s arms, he would look at her and give her one of his biggest and most beautiful smiles. He would even play cache-cache (peak-a-boo) with her. Little flirt. I must say that she is very attractive. She is one of the thinnest and tallest woman I have ever seen. But, she had the softest and most gentle golden eyes. Her face was like a models and she tied her scarf framing her face to look very elegant and at the same time comfortable.

I think when you come to France free scarf tying lessons should be given. I try to copy and sometimes have success. However, there are some pretty tricky scarf tying French women out there that make me wonder at where they got this skill. It must be handed down from generation to generation.

However, I am not worried. Boy Blue’s heart will not be captured long by one of these scarf tying divas. For the moment, Mama is still his great love.

*The cost of all four sessions, two of which were given in our home? A little over 9 Euros.
(In America, it would have been much more even with insurance.)

Boy Blue was seven months old yesterday and he had a visit at the doctor. He had a shot and next month will get another. That is the thing with babies. They are always getting shots.

*The cost of the shot: Under 2 Euros.
*The cost of the doctor: I think it is all totally reimbursed. If not, it will be 2 Euros.
(In America, it was 20 dollars co-pay for each doctor visit not including the fact that I paid over 250 dollars a month for health coverage through my employer.)

My personal recommendation?
Apples are cheaper than doctors no matter what country you are in.
So, don’t forget.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

I heard on the French news last year that it is true. And, two apples are even better. Our girls eat two apples a day and would eat three or four if I let them. Luckily, they think apples are in the same class as cookies and candy! My husband and I have tricked them this way. Bananas? Bananas are like chocolate ice cream. Or even better…put them in the chocolate ice cream…mmmmmmmmmmm.

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