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High Chair

Tonight is the first night we have gotten the two middle girls to sleep this early. It is 9:30 at night and I am enjoying the quiet. Petite Clown just stopped crying at the top of her lungs in protest at being put in bed against her will. I don’t know how Sweet Bear does it, but she will fall straight to sleep with her sister screaming away right beside her. It is amazing. I have both my boys at my feet. :) Boy Blue is laying on my foot next to his Papa who is surfing the channels. We haven’t had alot of time to catch up on all the new t.v. shows. For example, I have never seen Desperate Housewives.

I had a great weekend. I made my first homemade tarte. It was made with kiwis and strawberries. It turned out great. The best part was how completely easy it was to make. I made another one today for my mother to take with her to work. She called home to tell me that all her friends want the recipe. I will translate it and type it out for her tonight. I’ll go ahead and post it here in case any of you out there would like to try it. It is yummy.

Angel likes school and it is wonderful to be able to talk to her as often as I like. I would love for her to come live with me. However, we will take about a year to get ourselves settled before we make any big moves. We are leaning toward Florida but are open to most anywhere. I only know that I want to teach again. I want my own classroom. If I could pick the grade it would be Kindergarten or First grade. I know my strength is in teaching young children. I am particular good at teaching them to read. I have always had a great love of books. I bought about a hundred childrens books for Angel and now I have been sharing them with my other children. I am happy that my mother saved all of Angel’s toys and books with the hope that one day we would return. I never thought I would leave France and often told her to get rid of everything that wasn’t special to Angel. She held onto it all and I have to say that I am happy that she did.

I have a highchair for baby dolls that I have had since I was four or five. Angel played with it and now Sweet Bear and Petite Clown have been sitting in it or putting various dolls in it. It is very touching to share a piece of furniture that I have loved for a little over 30 years with each of my own children. It was a Christmas gift from my parents to me. It was one of the best gifts I can remember getting. I have kept it with me for all these years never dreaming that my children would play with it like I once had. I love running my fingers over it as I have so many times before. It has always been a symbol of my childhood. A material reminder of all those beautiful childhood memories. Angel loves it as much as I do. I hope that the other two girls will appreciate it as much. No matter what I have more beautiful memories of watching them play with it as I once had.

By the way, if my mother and father are reading this…I found the high chair hidden behind the headboard of your bed before Christmas. I waited impatiently for what seemed like years for Christmas day to come so that I could play with my baby dolls in the high chair. I never told you because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. You both knew I would love that high chair. I always remember that Christmas as one of my favorite. It was the best gift for a little girl ever.

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  • Raenita August 30, 2006, 2:40 am

    Oh, Pumpkin, those last two paragraphs SO touched my heart. I’m sentimental in that way and saved some of my toys for my girls, so I know the feeling. How beautiful!

  • Pumpkin August 30, 2006, 2:49 am

    I have other things that I have saved…like a rock or rings that I will give the girls when they are older. My son will be a little harder to share with. I guess I will have to give some of my things to save for his little girl if he has one some day :)

    I think it is wonderful that you saved treasures of your childhood as well.

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