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Hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way

Here are some images of our first Easter in Switzerland.

A photo of a kind of a traditional Easter Rabbit cake that is not very sweet but good all the same. I bought the brightly colored eggs from a woman who was selling them to raise money for the handicapped.

He was a good little rabbit...

We tried to eat the eggs but none of them were completely done on the inside. So, we decided they were for decoration only.

Easter eggs

The Swiss hang these decorations on a small tree. We don’t have a small indoor tree and decided to tape the decorations to the window in the kids room.

Easter decorations

Easter decorations

We are looking forward to trying more Swiss Easter goodies and an egg hunt.

So far, Easter in the Jura of Switzerland isn’t so different from the States. I am looking forward to the egg hunt this weekend. Easter egg hunts are a family favorite!

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