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Home away from home

When I see the golden arches of McDonalds I immediately think of my mother country, America. Yes, I am well aware that McDonalds has spread throughout the world. I think that even if people in other countries become accustomed to McDonalds being in their country and becoming a part of their own culture, they will at one time or another still think of America while eating there. McDonalds is in a sense a symbol of America.

I love to eat at McDonalds because as an American living in France, it is as close as I can get to my old home while not having to leave my new home, France.

I posted these pictures a day late. I found out after I made yesterdays post that there was a theme. Sorry, details below:

Yesterday was a “theme day” for all City Daily Photo Bloggers. We were to show something in our city that suggested or refered to somewhere else. You can still click on the City Daily Photo image to visit other DPs and find out what they came up with.

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