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How Aunt Julie came to life that day

Aunt Julie
Aunt Julie is the name of the snow woman in this picture. Angel Girl and I made Aunt Julie with my mother in Ohio about seven years ago. Aunt Julie has long melted away, but the memory of glowing cheeks and warm laughter spilling across a cold snowy day still remain with all of us.

I think Aunt Julie was the most beautiful snowman (snow woman) ever made.

Soon, I will hold Angel Girl again. I pray that her trip is safe and she is with me quickly so that I can kiss her one million times in two minutes. The last time she came was this past summer and she was sick on the plane. The first thing I noticed when I saw her was that she had grown taller and even more beautiful. I, next, noticed her strange dress and wondered at what style was going through America. It turns out it was not a dress but a blanket pinned around her. She had gotten sick on her clothes about an hour after take off and did not have extra clothes in her carry on. So, she flew for over ten hours dressed in a blanket and smelling not so nice. My poor girl was very sick.

I will go again to get her from the airport in less than a week. I will greet her with pain au chocolate in hand! She dreams of pain au chocolate when she is in America. Angel Girl likes the pain au chocolate made from butter by one of the best bakeries in Strasbourg which is luckily located just near our apartment.

Maybe just maybe, it will snow really hard and be the kind of snow that will pack and stick.
Then, we will be able to make Aunt Julie come back to life for another day so that she can laugh and play with us here in France?

I really miss my daughter and long to feel her hair against my face and hold her close breathing her in. I think most mothers are in love with their children. I know I am with my four.

My Angel Girl is growing into such a special young lady and I am very proud of her. I can’t wait to watch her talking a mile a minute as I try to fit her on my lap with the other two girls pushing to get on too.

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