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How’s about a “french kiss”?!?


The french have a nasty reputation for being rude. I am not sure how that is. I quite frankly have not experienced this. I have had some french people be rude to me, but I have had my share of rude americans. You know? Maybe, just maybe, it is not the “french”. Maybe, it is one of those “you get what you wish for”. I actually think that the french are more genuine. They don’t smile alot for no reason while talking to you. At first I had trouble with this. I would ask my husband, “Why were they so mean or so serious. They hardly smiled.” His reply, “Why is it that they needed to smile?” My answer, “Because they were talking to me.” His reply, “And????” The french I have finally realized, are just very frank. They don’t need these little reassurances. Everyone is an adult. And because of this you don’t have to wonder if they really mean what they say. They are blunt with no bells or whistles. And this I love about the french. My daughter pictured above is franco-american. So, is her sister and brother. My husband is french. So, it is kinda funny I keep talking about “the french”. The french are in my home. AHHHHH!!!! Seriously, why do we do that? I was standing in line at the Charles De Gaulle airport waiting to be checked in to go back to the U.S. when I overheard an american couple complaining that they could not believe the man asking the standard stupid questions could not speak english better than he did. I literally wanted to scream, “Then, why don’t you visit England or better yet stay in America?” When you visit a country that does not have english as an official language should you be upset if someone has diffulculty speaking english with you? At least he was trying. That is more than I can say for that couple. I went into France thinking no one would be able to speak english to me and was surprised to find that almost everyone speaks at least a little english. Actually, in the beginning most of the french ended up speaking with me in english because it was easier. My french was limited. Even now I can understand more than I can speak. It is funny because the french will speak in french to me and I will answer in french when I can and sometimes I still have to go to english. But, I do not expect them to understand me. It is a plus if they know a little english. I am after all living in France and the official language in France is french. To bad that american couple did not read that on their brochure! Americans expect you to speak english when you come to their country. So, why are we so upset if the french expect that at least the visiter should try to speak a little french? I think that is what makes a trip to another country so much fun! Strasbourg is on the border of Germany. And when we go to Germany to visit or buy something (some things like bikes or electronics are cheaper in Germany than in France) it is fun to watch my husband first struggle with german, then ask do you speak french and finally end up speaking in english…most of the time. I like it best when he must go back to struggling with german. Hee, hee, hee. However, he does try.

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