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I ate Bunny!

Kinoa le lapin fou
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I did not know!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry Fluffy Bunny. I have committed a terrible sin against the best friend an eight year old girl could have. I ate a relative. I know you used to give me sweet soft furry bunny kisses. I know you and I would lay together for hours in the sun watching butterflies in the backyard. I know you made me laugh when you chewed on my finger, the grass, a carrot or anything because you were to cute for words. I know and I am sorry.

I ate bunny while in the hospital in Strasbourg after I had Boy Blue. I did not know there was a list of meals for the week on the hospital room door until the day after it happened. All I knew at the time was that I was eating the best chicken I had ever, ever eaten. It was yummy! But, there was something strange about the bones. They were longer and thinner than a normal chickens bones. No. I would not let myself think it. Not when I was tired only having had two hours sleep all night and terribly hungry from being so tired. No. I was not going to even think about all those times shopping at the grocery and walking down the meat isle. Rabbit meat is placed right along with pigs heads and horse meat. No. I am sure that bunnies are only eaten on special occasions. Although having a baby is a special occasion I was thinking more like Christmas and romantic dinners. Really can’t see romantic dinner with cute fluffy bunny though.
I just looked at the perfect little newborn who was fast asleep in the little plastic bed on wheels. So sweet and peaceful…hmmmm? Don’t newborns, puppies, kittens and bunnies kinda all make us humans get that same awwwwwwwwww feeling? No. I would not let myself think about it.

Next day I did read that I had indeed eaten lapin. I ate rabbit meat for dinner the night before. I confessed my sin to my husband when he came to see Boy Blue and I that night and his response to his wife who just gave birth to his son with no medication what so ever because we got to the freakin hospital to late? He response to my confession to having unknowingly eaten an adorable bunny was that he knew about the lapin (rabbit) but he thought if he told me I would not eat. HE HAD READ THE DOOR and did not warn me! Fine. Fine. Fine. NO…NOT FINE! Then why in the world did you not bring me McDonald’s! You know I have no problem eating adorable cows!
My husband.
I am just waiting until he ever goes in the hospital…I hope for nothing to serious after his contribution to my eating Fluffy Bunnies relative. Maybe just the most painful hemorrhoid in human history. Unless someone reading this can think of something more painful but not deadly because I want him to live to remember the pain and think and talk about it so that I can feel the sweet pleasure of revenge!

That might even us up.

My wish besides the very very acute pain he will feel is that on the hospital menu snails will be served and will I offer to bring him something else or warn him if he does not see this? No way, no how! Eat the slimy snail I will say. You need your strength to recover.

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