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I can’t look back…so, I will look forward

I really don’t have alot to talk about. We have been moving all the little things…still. I am not sure when we will be renting a truck to move the larger furniture and appliances. On Friday, we had cleaned the entire day. It was luck because our landlord brought a couple to look at the apartment.

Apparently, my husband and he had agreed that he could show the apartment on short notice. You can’t get any shorter than buzzing at the intercom and asking if you can bring them right up. We stayed in the apartment while they walked around.

It was funny to see them going from room to room just as my husband and I had a little over two years ago. They said how bright and big the rooms were and how nice the apartment was as we had said. Our apartment and the house it is located in are very nice. Vilay and I love our apartment so much that we often would joke that if we could add on a backyard and an extra room we would never move. After the couple and our landlord left I couldn’t hold the tears back. My body was shaking inside. I felt like screaming.

I really don’t want to leave our apartment. I love my inlaws but I hate living with them. However, the reasons are even deeper than that. I adore this apartment that I have so many memories of laughter, tears and love.

I won’t get to sip my morning coffee while sitting and looking out our large windows in the living room listening to the birds and watching the breeze tickle the leaves of the trees just outside our apartment. I will miss tucking my children into their beds in the same room that I have tucked them in for the past two years. I will miss the huge window in the bathroom from where I looked out into the neighbors backyard while the children splashed away during their bath.

I will miss all the huge windows filling the rooms full of light. It was great for my mental health. I don’t know how many times the children and I have laid on the bed or couch watching the clouds, birds and sky drift by. I will miss my home in the city of Strasbourg very much.

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  • amy July 11, 2006, 9:43 pm

    Change is so hard. It’s ironic that it is the one thing that is constant isn’t it? Best of luck with your temporary move. It will lead to bigger and better places that you will fill with memories..

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