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I have not seen this in a long, long time!

Grocery store 9
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An entire row of milk in gallon jugs just like I saw at least once a week most of my life. That was before I moved to France. Can you imagine that I am excited about seeing such a picture? In France milk usually comes in one liter cartons and it does not need to be kept in the fridge until it is opened. The cartons take up less space and the fact that you can buy several at one time without worrying that it will sour is very practical. I am not sure why in America we don’t have the same. However, I still miss the big jugs of milk.

When I first moved to France I could not spend more than thirty minutes shopping at the grocery. If I stayed longer my brain would be overcome with all the new colors, words, smells, sounds, products, rows and rows of cheese and just everything was a little or a lot different. I have not even told you about the pigs head or horse meat in the meat isle! On the flip side I can remember standing in the meat department of my local American grocery as a kid looking up into a large jar full of pickled cow tongues. Really not my thing! O.k. back to the french grocery stores. Every isle was a new adventure. I felt like a child in a fun house! So, it is easy to understand why I always left the grocery exhasted and with a HUGE headache! I have since gotten used to the products and even the smelly cheese isle. I still don’t eat a lot of french cheese. For me it smells like the farm. Not the nice fresh air part of the farm. Rather, I am standing in the middle of a barn full of urine filled hay and smelly animals part of the farm. Yuck!!! Not even putting that near my mouth. My husband swears that the smellier it is the better it tastes. Whatever! I will take his word for it! He tells me I must try. At least try it he tells me! He is one to talk. He tried pumpkin pie only after I shoved it into his mouth as he was telling me how Americans eat the most disgusting things only to stop suddenly and say, “What is that. It is GOOD!” I responded, “No kidding! And what were you saying about American food?” To which he replied, “I love all things American!” as he gave me a quick kiss. Oui, je sais!!! His french flattery!

The french do have very yummy food. Fruit tarts (which is kinda like pie but the crust is sweet and hard), bread (yes, I do eat bread every morning and sometimes with my kind of cheese, my husband refers to as plastic slices, for a snack), hachis parmentier (ground hamburger with spices and on top mashed potatos. mmmmm), pain au chocolat (a pastry with dark chocolate inside) and many more french goodies that I have discovered. So, I will admit that I would miss my french favorites, if I ever returned to the states, as much as I miss my american favorites. I wish I could have both! Now that would be some kind of grocery store!

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