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I love Neuchâtel

…I really do.  

Almost enough to leave my Jura mountains.  

The nice thing is I can always visit Neuchâtel when I need a relaxing day in the city.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
I like all the colorful stickers wrapped around poles.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Spring flowers.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
We sat back with our feet stretched out as we relaxed by the lake. Vilay wears his MBT Swiss Masai shoes everywhere since he bought them around Christmas.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
We have bought so many ice creams from this stand that I could never count them.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Picture perfect.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Spring buds on a tree.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Little birds kept flying in and out of the trees above us as we sat eating our ice creams. The birds were so pretty.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Watch out the pigeons are watching.

Jura sunset
Photo of the sunrise this morning here in the Jura of Switzerland.

Today was so beautiful. We spent it outside without winter coats or even jackets! I found it so strange to be standing by a field still covered in snow (many parts still two feet deep) while dressed for warm weather. It was almost hot in direct sun. Proof…We all got sunburned today because I didn’t even think about sunscreen. I blame it on the snow. :)

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  • expatraveler April 8, 2009, 2:58 pm

    Wow – the photo of your 4 makes me smile, I loved it. Loved all of your photos and hope I will get some time to upload a few of mine today or tomorrow. I ran out of time yesterday, just too busy! These photos make me smile so much and of course I love them. The last one hit me, I miss the area so much! :) But Istill am enjoying everything Victoria has to offer.

  • Hexe April 9, 2009, 2:22 pm

    I visited Neuchâtel on my first trip to Europe seven years ago. I was instantly hooked and your photos remind me why :)

  • anne April 9, 2009, 10:19 pm

    I also love the picture of your family at the sea edge..beautiful.

    Yes it is a very strange feeling to see the snow, and yet you are able not to wear coats..:-) strange but a good feeling too.!

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