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I love the Vosges

The plain of Alsace from the Vosges

The trail we were walking on

A cave

Grotte des Druides (Cave of Druids)

Crash site of plane in 1992. There was a fence protecting the site which was covered in wooden crosses made from sticks. We were surprised to see that it had been taken down.

This is a picture that we took this past winter of the crash site when the fence was still there.

My husband thinks that these rocks were used for some kind of religious ceremony. He had read it somewhere. The shallow holes did seem to be made by man and there is a narrow passage in between the rocks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were used for some kind of ceremony in pagan days long gone.

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  • Carlos Lorenzo June 6, 2006, 12:40 am

    I have really enjoyed this series of landscapes and nature images. I think they are superb as to composition and beauty.

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