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I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!

Yeahhhhhh! Christmas is here and that means….ICE CREAM!

Not just any ol’ ice cream. I am talkin about buche de Noel. Buche de Noel is basically an icecream log. As you can see from the pics it is shaped like a log with bits of chocolate on top. The inside is usually three different flavors layered from the inside out. There are many, many flavors to chose from at the grocery store. I like chocolate and chocolate and chocolate, but my husband made me compromise with chocolate and vanilla and chocolate. Damn, him! One of the downsides of marriage is compromising!

Petite Clown liked the bits of chocolate and quickly snagged herself some while Mama was trying to take a picture. All I have to say is cookie or chocolate and this kid comes a runnin!

Below is a picture of a mousse de marron (chestnut mousse). In France, the chestnut is a favorite. I have tried a roasted chestnut and found it plain but not yucky. So, while at the grocery last week I grabbed some mousse de marron and after dinner I popped one open. This is what it looked like inside. It didn’t look so bad so I slid my spoon in getting a nice size of the stuff to taste and in the mouth it went. I must say it was hard to not spit it out as fast as it went in! But, I was trying a new food and everyone in France loves the stuff so in went some more.
Sorry, but that was it! The rest did not go in my mouth. It went in the trash. Chestnut mousse is soooooo sweet that even I, an American, could not eat it. This is a little confusing since it is usually Americans who go for the sugar! For instance, most French will not eat the icing on top of a typical American birthday cake. My husband tells me the icing is just sugar. Now, I have a food that I can hold up against his “Americans like to much sugar” speech. So, NAHHHH. And no more eating the marrons for this girl. However, you can send all the bouche de Noel my way. I like that just fine!

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