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Images from the Jura

Political graffiti in Le Noirmont.

Train going to Saignelégier from Muriaux.  

Translation of sign – Free range cattle.  Park at your own risk.

In Muriaux, the cows walk where they wish. The yards are fenced in around the homes to keep the cows out.

Cows in Muriaux.

These cows were fenced in while others were not.

Cat in Muriaux.

It has been a busy week. Tomorrow, I am going to take brownies and bonbons (candies) to my girls birthday party at school. There were so many children in their class who have a birthday at the end of October or beginning of November that I offered to do my girls school birthday parties on the same day. That way their teachers could get both over at once. Their teachers are probably tired of birthdays since about half the class had a birthday during the last month.  

Tonight, I have to go to a parent teacher meeting.  All the parents go at the same time and visit the classroom without the children.  It is nice to hear about all the fun things the kids have been doing and learning.  I was nervous to go last year because I wasn’t used to talking in French much.  Now, it is really no big deal.  In one year, I have become completely comfortable in an all French environment without Vilay.  My French is still far from perfect but it will come.  I am not nearly as worried or afraid to speak in French as I once was.  Honestly, I think I just need confidence.  Once I have more confidence in myself speaking French I don’t think I will make as many mistakes.  

Vilay took pumpkin bread that I made last night to work today to share with his co-workers during lunch break since none of them have ever tried it.  I’ll have to let you know if they liked it or not.  :)


The whole world is taking notice of what happened in the US presidential elections.  Let’s hope that America can continue to gain back the respect she lost from around the world.  

No matter what the American dream is not dead.  

Swiss press moved by “yes we can” president


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  • Evolving November 9, 2008, 11:48 am

    I love the free range cow sign…

    Wow, do you think in a year I will be able to feel comfortable in French?? You keep on giving me hope, mama bear!!

  • angel December 7, 2008, 3:06 am

    ohhhh my goshh!!! that cat looooks like my cat betty!!! omg!!

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