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It’s a Sweet Bear’s Life

I have started a blog for Sweet Bear. She has been calling my blog her site. When I asked her if she wanted her very own blog she smiled big, big, big (as she would say) and said, “YES”!

She wrote her very first post with the help of Mama. You can read it on her blog if you want. It’s cute. She picked out her blog and the theme that I put together from Cute Colors.

One of the first big steps in language is to be able to communicate fully a thought or idea. She still has trouble forming sentences in English and French. I thought that by her telling me in sentences what to write on her blog which she LOVES it would help her to be stronger and more confident in forming sentences. Hopefully, this confidence will help her French as well. In the past she seems to be able to move along in both languages when she is confident. For about three months she has slowly been losing confidence. I want to change that.

When we write letters together for her big sister Sweet Bear learns new words and thinks it is fun to be able to type out what she is saying so that her sister can read it. Really, this is a way to build on her love of writing via Mama and communicate with her sister.

I think that over the next few years it may make a huge difference in her English skills. My dream is that by five she is typing away by herself with my help. You never know. Can you imagine having a blog telling your life in your own words from three years of age? What a treasure. I’ll try to see if Petite Clown is interested. If she is I will begin one for her as well.

UPDATE:  Petite Clown has a blog too.  She is very happy with it even if it the theme is bunnys and not clowns.

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  • Wendy April 15, 2006, 8:04 pm

    Pumpkin – that is such a great idea..it’s a lovely blog too…if you can keep it up you will be building a great store of early memories for her. I actually think I might try this with my boys.

    You such a good Mom – and so inspirational.

  • Pumpkin April 15, 2006, 8:27 pm

    It was really Sweet Bear’s idea because she kept telling me for the past two days that my blog is her site. She knew the word site…can you believe that? Kids are so smart.
    I worry about how they will be biligual in reading in writing English and now I may have just found a solution. I will teach them to read and write via their blog and all the great educational websites online. It is really important to me that they are fluent in English because it is my mother tongue. I know you understand how I feel about that.

  • Wendy April 16, 2006, 9:03 am

    I have the same concerns about reading and writing English …Nathan can read and write French perfectly well but his English reading is appalling (he gives everything a French pronounciation)..and he cannot write it without me spelling the words for him.

    I try very hard to get him to read but he still prefers me to read his stories to him – because it’s too hard, he says! But he has no problem picking a French book. I really think this blog is an excellent idea…my boys are fascinated with mine..

  • Pumpkin April 16, 2006, 11:20 am

    I could see myself having the same problem with my children as they grow older. I figured that computers and blogs are fun. So, the kids will naturally want to “play” with them. So far Sweet Bear is totally in love with her blog and tells me all kinds of things to put on it. She will ask me if I “got it all on her site” after I am done typing. :)
    There are blogs that are password protected if you don’t want your sons blogs to be read by just anyone. You can give the password out only to those that you are comfortable with reading their blogs. It is an option I thought about but I know my family and they wouldn’t go to read their blogs if it wasn’t easy. I will only put links to their siblings blogs on their blogs just for my family to surf quickly. You should do it now while they are so interested in your blog.
    You could point them to Multilinguistes for an example of a blog by someone younger. It is a beautiful blog kept a friend’s son. He writes in French and English. My oldest daughter and I read it together when she is here. The pictures are wonderful.

    Understanding computers is so very important today that kids need all the experience they can get. Blogs are a great way to learn the basics about html and java scripts as well as connecting with others and building language skills. I know my writing has improved a great deal since I created my own blog.

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