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Just blabbering…

I have finally adjusted to not trying to answer everyone in French. It took me four days to start thinking in mostly English without French sneaky in every other thought. Vilay and I will begin speaking in French together so that the girls will hear French. Their father will speak with the children in French while I continue in English. The girls still speak together in French when they are talking just between each other. I wonder when that will change. I suspect when the girls start a daycare or school they will slowly begin speaking together in English instead of French. I like that they are speaking in French together and will encourage it to continue for as long as possible.

Things I miss from France…
Real French bread that is not like rubber

an Italian ice cream

walking in Strasbourg or a small village near Strasbourg

the Vosges

First impressions of America after I landed…

I forgot how open and bright it is here compared to France. It is humid. The cars are freaking HUGE and drive SLOW. The coffee is like water in America now that I am used to French coffee. Americans speak more loudly than French. The employees are helpful and customer service driven. The grocery stores are so cold I don’t want to stay inside them without a sweater on. I am surrounded by my own language. I feel powerful and independent. I can still drive. I drove my mother’s beautiful car home from the local grocery store and driving for the first time in over two and a half years was like riding a bike….I never forget how. Americans can be as rude as the French are said to be. I had a man tell me that I was in the American line and the all the other people went over there…the line for non-Americans as he was pointing for me to join the non-Americans in line. I told him that I and all of my children are American and thank you very much but we were in the correct line. He said sorry but that I didn’t sound American. OUCH. He said I sounded like a Canadian. He had a deep hillbilly accent so I really was not surprised. He later helped me with my luggage to make up for it…I think.

Vilay didn’t fly with me because he had to stay and clean up the biggest part of our mess. So, I flew by myself with three children and survived. The airports did a great job taking all of my baby milk and baby food not to mention the tube of baby lotion I forgot in my purse. But, we all made it back safely and exhausted.

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  • Jessica August 17, 2006, 11:11 pm

    For the bread, Kroger sells a really good artisan loaf (labeled San Francisco or something). Trader Joes is good too, if you have it. And that’s all I can help you with. ;-)

    BTW, are you in Ohio? Where at? I’m in Indiana.

  • samantha August 18, 2006, 4:13 pm

    Maybe he was just trying to be helpful and prevent you from waiting a long time in the wrong line with three small children?

  • Pumpkin August 20, 2006, 2:03 am

    Thank you, Jessica. I will have to try the bread.
    I am in the Dayton area. We are neighbors. :)

    Sam, I am not so sure of that since he was so curt about it. And even if he was he would be wrong to assume just because someone has an accent that they are not American. ;)

  • Jessica August 20, 2006, 2:37 pm

    Indeed, you are not quite 3 hours away. Well, if your husband ever gets a longing for French conversation with a fellow expat, or you feeel like a little road trip, we could meet up in Indianapolis. Sorry, that would be a bit further for you than me, but a true half way point would put us in the middle of a cornfield, I’m sure.

    Did you know Indianapolis has a wonderful children’s museum and an H&M store? ;-)

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