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Just chalk it up or on the sidewalk

Julian Beever is a very special artist that draws 3-D images on sidewalks. I first saw his work on Tomate Farcie and just now in an email. So, if you haven’t checked out Julian Beaver’s work before, please, click on over to his personal website to learn more about the artist.

Don’t miss a chance to read about this artist and follow links to some other comical photos all on the beautiful blog of Tomate Farcie. In fact if you haven’t found Tomate in bloggie world before now let me tell you…You have been missing out. She is a French expat living in San Francisco. Her blog is bilingual (French and English) and a great find. I know all of you will become as addicted as I am.

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  • D March 29, 2006, 6:04 am

    I have seen this guy on TV before. He really has an amazing talent!

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