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Karlsruhe, Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany has a nice palace with a huge park behind it. My two daughters loved the ducks the best. Ducks understand french-english very well, especially when the ducks see food.ducks

There were people everywhere lounging around the grounds of the palace or riding bikes or walking peacefully enjoying the sun. We unfortunately got a late start in the day and did not have time to really see much of the city. What I did see was nice. The palace is impressive.


My little family went to the Wal-Mart super shopping center. It is the first Wal-Mart I have seen in Europe. It was pretty small compared to the Super Wal-Mart I shopped at in Ohio. It was still nice to find a little bit of home in Germany. Although I am secretly happy that France won’t let Wal-Mart in. I have lived almost two years without it and life has been fine.


My father was stationed here when he was in the U.S. Army way back when. He never really saw a lot of the city beyond the local bars from what he tells me. I will have to bring him here one day so he can share what he does remember and take time to explore the city more. I really enjoyed visiting a city in Germany where my father had been as a soldier when he was only around twenty. As a little girl I saw pictures of my father with his buddies on the base. The army base is now closed from what I understand.

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