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Keyboard is making up new language

Our keyboard is giving us some headaches. Each time I hit the key to make a period it makes this µ. The period is there it just has a µ before it. The µ pops up during my typing even when I am not using a period. It is playing hide and seek with me.

Saturday, Vilay and I are going to go to the city to buy a new keyboard. I am happy it is that simple since not too long ago we were having issues with the computer booting up. I think I fixed it by doing the things I found online.

I cleaned it out (it was dusty) being careful of the motherboard (I just like typing that :) ) and checked wires to make sure they were plugged in properly. However, we still can’t use any disks.

I haven’t been using my second digital camera which has more space on it because my USB cord was stolen. We were in the city after moving to Switzerland and I had the cord in the camera case in my diaper bag. It is just a bag my mother gave me and would be easy to steal out of. Our computer will not read from the chip in the digital camera. So, I have about 200 pics sitting in the camera until I can buy a new USB cable or we get a new computer.

We may look into buying a new computer due to the fact that this one is still not perfect. We need a computer that is reliable and can use this one for a backup if we need to.

Since this is the best way to keep in touch with our family we need to make sure we stay online. Not only do our parents read our blogs to keep up with our lives, we use Skype to talk for free online. I call Angel on her home phone for pennies because it is just easier than dealing with the camera all the time. Plus, she is rarely online and I can’t get a regular day and time set up to call her.

No matter what…Vilay and I would never be offline more than a few months. Oh, and now the period is working without making a µ. I am beginning to think that one of the kids spilled something on the keyboard when I was in the bathroom or cleaning their rooms. I am sure they wouldn’t have told me.

They are constantly bothering our tv, DVD (which they broke), computer and phone. I have to get on to them all day over it. I know it is normal because Angel did the same thing when she was smaller.

The problem is where there was one of her there are three of them.

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  • roland October 6, 2007, 7:13 am

    salut Pumpkin
    moi aussi je suis loin de tout à la campagne et pour
    acheté de l’informatique je vais sur ce lien
    les prix sont trés bas et la livraison super rapide
    Bonµe µournée (arrgh!!! the µ maledition contaminate me)

  • expatraveler October 6, 2007, 2:55 pm

    I hope you find a good keyboard! And I hate when things get stolen. I had my winter jacket stolen in Ticino canton by a bellman!

    I have an extra USB cable attachment I got for extra cheap.. What type of card do you have for your camera.. I have a sort of 6 in one which was only $20 here in Canada… (email me about it..)

  • Pumpkin October 10, 2007, 12:15 pm

    Roland, :)

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