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La Chaux-des-Breuleux, Switzerland

La Chaux-des-Breuleux

Near La Chaux-des-Breuleux, Switzerland.

Jura sky

Today, we had our big, white and fluffy beyond belief clouds back. I have missed them so very much. Hello, clouds! Goodbye, grey skies! Well…At least for today.

La Chaux-des-Breuleux

We like to take walks in La Chaux-des-Breuleux because it is one of the few places horses can be found outside pretty much all year long. The horses are so beautiful against the white of the snow.

La Chaux-des-Breuleux

The view here is one of my favorite in all of the Jura. In the summer, we can watch horses and cows graze in the fields below or walk down to visit them. There are more horses kept in those bottom fields than in any other fields that I have seen in the Jura as of yet. It always makes me think of the wild west.

La Chaux-des-Breuleux

The train is a common sight in our part of the Jura. You cannot walk far without finding it.

If you look above the front of the train you will see a bird flying over it.  You may have to click on the photo to see it larger.

The birds are coming back and I am greeted with their songs in the morning as I look outside to determine the day. 

La Chaux-des-Breuleux

While out walking you can hear the sound of dripping water everywhere since the snow is melting everywhere.

La Chaux-des-Breuleux

Necking.  Or perhaps, it is ‘If you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours?   :)

La Chaux-des-Breuleux

I saw this horse standing off by himself and thought about how much I love living in the Jura.  We are so lucky to call this little paradise our home.  

I don’t post much about La Chaux-des-Breuleux but we do go there often especially when it is warm. We love to walk from there over the mountain all the way to Les Emibois. It is spectacular.

Even when we buy a car we will still take the train when we walk because of the freedom of starting in one place and ending up wherever the day takes you.

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  • expatraveler March 16, 2009, 3:50 am

    What a beautiful day. Those horses are so beautiful!

  • Sophie March 16, 2009, 11:20 am

    Wow, lovely pictures!! That picture of the 2 horses that are necking each other, is lovely!! But I am glad that here the sun is shining & that there is no more snow here anymore!!! Your writing is great & funny!!

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