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Larger classes

We asked how many children were in each of our girls classes.

Petite Clown (age 3) – has 27

Sweet Bear (age 4) – has 31

The funny thing is the classes never seem to have that many kids running around in them.

Yesterday, I counted heads sitting in a circle around Sweet Bear’s teacher just before dismissal.  I counted only 21 heads.  Petite Clown’s classes has about 24 heads in it.  The only explanation is that many of the children don’t go to school regularly. 

Petite Clown who cried every morning the first week and a half of school begging me not to make her go walks into the room now all by herself even if there are no other children in the room yet.  Sweet Bear, the older sister, will only go into her room if at least one other child is there.  I think it is funny because she is the one that wasn’t afraid to go to school since she had went last year and is a year older than Petite Clown.  Sweet Bear goes so far as to make me walk her into the room holding her hand.  The first week and a half she ran into the room without even looking back much less giving her Mama a kiss. 

It seems the two girls are not the same.  One takes her time warming up and the other jumps in head first only to think about afterwards.  I think it is great that they are different.  They will help each other as they grow older by sharing those differences.

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  • barbara February 23, 2007, 1:08 pm

    Hi Pumpkin,
    How interesting to see the differences in siblings. And I think that there will be many,many other changes up the road.
    When I think about my sister ( 8 years younger than myself) and I , it is similar. I’am the older sibling, and was usually more cautious and
    quiet. My sister feared nothing, and through herself into new situations with ease.
    The best example was the State Fair; she loved rides and movement, while I prefered the games and strategy necessary to win a prize.But, we were still close, and it didn’t affect our relations.

    Differences are good; what a sad world this would be if everybody had to be uniform.
    Vive la différence !

  • Margie February 23, 2007, 10:18 pm

    Those numbers sound similar with my girls’ class.
    They’re 4 yrs old as well and have 26 in their class. Seems like the year 2002 was a big one. My son who was born in 2000 has around 20 kids in his class.
    But as you mentioned on any given day they’re not all there. I noticed in the afternoon some stay home for naps, or they’re at school taking a nap or of course some are sick, especially this time of year.
    And speaking of differences in siblings, my daughters who are identical twins have very different personalities. As Barbara said, good thing there are differences, certainly keeps things interesting! :)

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