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Leave Britney alone = Britney leave me alone

When I first watched this video with Vilay we laughed too hard for our own good. I can’t think that this guy is serious in the video because if he is that is just way to scary. The end is the best when he says “she’s not well right now”! Oh…And, he is?

The most amazing part of all of these youtube videos are the video responses. I can’t believe the people that took the time to make a serious response to the Leave Britney alone video. I wasn’t surprised by the videos making fun, but the serious ones? All I can say is….People get a life! You are scaring me!!! Seriously.

You may want to turn your volume down for this one.


Perez Hilton made a video response to Leave Britney alone called Britney leave me alone. Yes, I visit perezhilton.com. It is a fast and dirty way to keep up on Hollywood gossip.


Here is another video response to all the mean people who made fun of ‘Britney Fan’ in the original Leave Britney alone video.


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