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Les Breuleux to Tramelan by foot

Sunday, we walked from Les Breuleux to Tramelan buying our train tickets one way each direction. We do it this way because we never know where we will end up. A general plan is laid out and then we decide where to end based on how we (the children mostly) feel.  I recommend doing it this way if you are like us and like having the freedom to change your plans.  

A bee on a flower.  

The flowers seeds were like angel hair.  My five year old held them in her hand stroking them for the first part of the walk.  Finally, she held up her hands freeing the seeds in the wind.  

The children know not to touch fences because we never know if there is an electrical current flowing through them.   I like when there is a sign clearly warning that the fence is electric.  However, it is not usually the case.  When walking in Switzerland, you assume it is electric until proved otherwise.   

A baby cow that I had to photograph.  It looked so sweet and innocent.  I didn’t realize that I had captured walkers in the back until after I uploaded the photo.  I think the walkers add another dimension to the photo.  

There was a line of horsemen riding across a field near the forest.  

The horsemen rode out to meet a smaller line of horsemen.  They stopped to chat a while before passing and moving on into their day.

A caution warning on a fence that is kept closed to keep the cows and horses inside.  When you open a gate to pass through you must close it back!

Imagine the trust that Swiss farmers are giving to all the walkers and bikers that pass through Switzerland.  

Horses and cows grazing side by side.

There were several horses and cow in this field.  It is the only field that I have seen so many together.  It reminds me of photos I have seen of ranches in the States.  

The forest was waiting for us.

We passed more Swiss Germans than Swiss French.  There were two older couples of Swiss Germans that we followed most of the way through the forest.

We kept up pretty well in spite of the children.  Our kids are strong walkers.

The forest smelled like fall and my leg muscles got the stretching out they needed.  I slept like a log last night.  

Tomorrow, I will post more photos from the walk.

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  • anne September 29, 2008, 12:18 pm

    What a fantastic walk…like the idea about getting the train… Your photos are great, love the one with the people just walking in the forest.

    Ah how sweet of your daughter. :-)

  • Pumpkin September 30, 2008, 10:09 am

    Thank you. It was the perfect day for a perfect walk.

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