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I have installed a sideblog for my WordPress blog.

It is located in my sidebar and is filed under the category named Internet finds.

This is where I will put links to interesting or humorous websites, blogs, videos or any other Internet finds that I think are worth sharing.

Some of you may remember Follow the frog to a mystery blog.

Follow me frog

Each day, I made a link to a blog that I had found and wanted to share. The problem I had with this was how I was doing it I had to break the links each day. In the end, I decided it wasn’t cool to give a blog link love and then the very next day break it.

I felt all guilty like I had just asked them to marry me and the very next day I ran off with someone else.

With the sideblog plugin, I don’t have to worry about breaking hearts. The links I make are in a real blog post. The post is not shown on my front page but is a post with it’s very own page. Click here to see what I mean. Make sure that you click on to see the video of the cutest dog ever playing fetch all by himself. It is too sweet and funny. My kids loved it!

You can click on the little # at the end of the post in the sidebar to go to the actual post where you can leave a comment if you want. However, all the links in the sidebar will open in a new window which keeps you from having to go to the post before clicking onto the website or video I am linking to.

This is just one more reason that…

Click here to read my message.

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