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Love taps

Boy Blue’s new thing is to give love taps. He will sneak up on you and smack you right in the face. Usually, he is so quick that he will get at least two smacks in before you can move. He thinks it is the funniest thing in the world.

My brother was visiting last week. He bent down to Boy Blue’s level to say hi. Before he knew what had hit him, Boy Blue gave him a nice smack right on the nose. Afterwards, Boy Blue grunted out his hello. He never talks. He just grunts.
My brother was a little taken back by Boy Blue’s manner of saying hi. I explained to my brother, “He must know you or he wouldn’t have smacked you. It’s his way of showing love. He gave you a love tap. If he didn’t know you and feel comfortable he would have started crying and ran to hang from his Mama’s skirts.” However, I am not too sure my brother appreciated the love tap directly on his nose even if it were out of affection.

Isn’t it true that boys and men show affection through pats, hits and wrestling? It must be a guy thing….really. Because I have never taught my son to grunt and hit out his affection. He just does it all on his own.

I am just happy he has finally stopped trying to either bite my lips off or french kiss me while drowning me with drool as he grabs my face with that adoring look of love. He can officially kiss like a big boy with hardly any drool. It is too sweet for words. Now, if he will stop tugging on my skirt or pants I can quit worrying about him actually pulling them down and flashing any and all who may be nearby! Elastic pants or skirts are not practical with my little guy around. If he is in a neighborhood near you consider yourself warned.

He is at a delightful age and I love it. He is exploring the world around him with an energy equal to that of a puppy. Actually, he reminds me of a puppy. He follows me everywhere and sleeps at my feet…literally. I can’t get him to take a nap in his bed. His preference is to wallow around on the floor finally caving into dreamland’s magic only with his Mama’s feet warm against his back. He is a sweet little stinker bundled up in one adorably chubby package sporting the brightest Bugs Bunny like smile I have ever seen.

He is currently dazzling me with his Bugs Bunny smile as he trys to stick his finger in my eye or nose while laughing himself silly. Thankfully, he hasn’t been successful…this time.

He will on occasion say Mama, Papa and up…up. Oh, and the favorite word of all babies, NO!

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  • Maria September 1, 2006, 3:02 pm

    I’m already wondering what costume boy blue will wear for halloween… I liked a lot this last picture of him that you posted, that huge smile! :)

  • Julie September 2, 2006, 1:37 am

    For a few years in a row my skirt always ended up getting pulled down by little siblings.

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