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Luc Arbogast

If you have visited Strasbourg or live here you no doubt may have seen Luc Arbogast singing just under the Cathedral’s shadow. He has a gothic look to him. Don’t let his “rough around that edges” image fool you. His voice is like angels taking flight filling your heart and soul with emotion. Whenever, he performances there is a large crowd of people gathered around him.

Click on the image to see Luc Arbogast and hear an angel’s voice.

Luc Arbogast

Luc Arbogast sings medieval songs and at times his wife will perform with him. I, personally, have never seen her.********

To purchase Luc Arbogast’s CD – Domus (fr)
Le petit monde de H – “In love with Strasbourg 4” (fr)
AccroFolk.net (fr)
A post about Luc Arbogast on a blog that I found (en)

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