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Mardi gras (Fat Tuesday)

Picture was taken at the maternelle where my girls go. Petite Clown almost always closes her eyes when her picture is taken.

Yesterday, we walked into the girls schoolyard surrounded by princesses, Spiderman, a magician and many other superheros and ghouls.

Sweet Bear and Petite Clown wore their costumes from this past Halloween to school. They had been beyond excited for two days waiting for this day to come.

After we picked them up to go home and eat le déjeuner (in France the kids have a two hour lunch) Sweet Bear asked me if we were going to go trick or treating tonight. I explained that there isn’t trick or treating in France.

She had a disappointed look on her face.

She said quietly, “But, I got a big bag of candy when we went trick or treating for Halloween last time. I love Halloween. It is fun!”

I will miss it as much as her. I think Halloween in America is as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids.


I am going to seriously think about joining an American club so that it will be easier to share and keep alive the traditions of America that I enjoyed as a child with my own children.

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  • Carra February 21, 2007, 12:54 pm

    Oh when I was little in Lithuania on mardi gras (or uzgavenes as it is called in Lithuanian) we used to do similar thing to trick and treating, because in English it is called pancake tuesday you can imagine that the main stuff we got was pancakes… Oh and Halloween I had one in England it was marvelous! Why one country can’t have both? Your daughter’s costumes are fabulous!

  • barbara February 21, 2007, 4:01 pm

    Hi Pumpkin,
    Your daughters look so cute in their costumes ! :).
    I understand Sweat Bear’s dissapointment that there is no Halloween celebrated in France.
    That is a very fun celebration for the kids, and I’am sure that they enjoyed the this back in the States !!

    I feel that you are a wonderful Mother. And a Mother’s love transcends all barriers. I couldn’t comment to yesterday’s post, because I don’t have children. I have nothing on the “experience” side to offer .

    Keep up the good work,

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