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Million Dollar Homepage

1,000,000 pixels at 1 buck a pop equals a whole lotta mulla!

A 21 year old student, Alex Tew, from the UK came up with a creative idea to pay for college. He set up a website, milliondollarhomepage.com, selling pixels on the site for 1 US Dollar each. He has reached his goal and has sold each and every one of the pixels on this site (the mainpage takes a little while to load, understandably).

As the website gained publicity and filled up with advertisement, Alex began running out of pixels quickly. So, he decided to set up an auction on ebay for the sale of the last 1,000 pixels. The winner paid 38,100 US Dollars for 1,000 pixels on The Million Dollar Homepage.

Read more about it on the Million Dollar Homepage Blog.

Congratulations, Alex! You will no doubt go very far in life with your creativity.

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