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Moments from today


I am baking Snickerdoodles for a Christmas party at my two youngest daughters school. These cookies are simple but good. I would have preferred to make Christmas sugar cookies but I don’t have cookie cutters. I always forget to buy them until I need them.  


Stinky cat

“I’m not up to anything! I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Why my rugs are never straight!

Right here is why my all the rugs in our apartment are never straight.  That is Emmie Cat up there in the photo attacking my rug!

Most of the time my rugs are all twisted over with Emmie Cat’s toys hidden underneath. I don’t mind because she has so much fun playing with the rugs. 

As soon as she sees me straighten a rug she will run over and leap on top of it causing it to slide across the floor in a big heap.

It’s our game that we play together.

She, also, expects me to play at least an hour with her as soon as the kids are in bed asleep. It is her special time with me and when I close the door to the kids room at night she runs over to me ready to play.

She is spoiled rotten just like all my other kids. :)


I am going to start putting up smaller images that are clickable to see bigger.  

Perhaps, it will keep the blog from slowing down since I tend to share a lot of photos.  :) 

I have upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and am wondering if it hasn’t slowed down the loading time of the blog.  For me it seems to load just a little bit slower.  Let me know if you are having any issues.  


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  • expatraveler December 12, 2008, 6:18 pm

    I don’t have any issues but I think once you have the address in your memory on the computer. Smaller photos are always better as then you have the choice to click bigger. I think anything from 300×500 pixels in size like you have above is just fine however!

    Oh those cookies look incredible!!! And I am laughing so hard about the rug as I know that too well with a dog and cat in the house how that works!

    PS – we are getting an Arctic chill our way (Snow….)

  • Pumpkin December 13, 2008, 9:46 am

    Now, I can look forward to all your snow pics! :)

    Thank you for letting me know the blog is loading OK.

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