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Mother’s Day

For me it is hard to keep up with Mother’s Day. It isn’t on the same day in Switzerland as in the States.  (Edit:  Mother’s Day is pretty much on the same day for the US and Switzerland but it is France that is late in the month of May…Sorry, I still think as if I am in France sometimes)  So, I will just do my Mother’s Day post now since my kids have already picked me wild flowers for Mother’s Day. :)

My Mother’s Day flowers from my children. Emmie Cat really loved nibbling on them. :)

My mother sends us so much even if she doesn’t have much. Thank you, Mom, for the shirts and all the other things you sent us!!!  It was just in time for the warmer weather here!

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  • expatraveler April 28, 2010, 1:37 am

    how lovely.. It’s May 9th in Canada, which I think is the same date for you…

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