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My Little Clown

petite clown

We went on one of our family road trips today and this is how Petite Clown got herself all twisted up in the backseat! She somehow got her right arm up past her carseats strap and through the neck of her sweater and then she got her other arm out of its sleeve and left it resting inside the body of her sweater. Since she did not cry and seemed quite comfy like this, I did not bother her. Everytime I looked back at her I had to laugh and got a mouth full of teeth smiling back at me.

She is my Petite Clown. Really. She makes me smile all the time.

Last week we went walking in a park. My husband and I were not being nice to one another. So, he took Sweet Bear and I took Petite Clown and Boy Blue. His half of our little family went one way and my half went another. I was a little hurt because we had never separated like that before even in our worst of fights. As I stood watching him and Sweet Bear walk away without the rest of us I heard one loud single splash directly behind me. I turned to see what it was. There was Petite Clown standing ankle deep in a huge water puddle. She did not cry or laugh. She just stood there waiting for me to fish her out. All Petite Clown said was, “Au secour,” (help in english) as she held up her arms with a soft, sweet smile on her face. Her blue eyes were bright and her soft blonde hair was sticking straight up because the hairband had twisted the wrong way. Her shoes and socks were soaking wet not to meantion the bottom of her pants. She made me laugh out loud instead of crying.

I picked her up and held her very close to me. My big girl that did not cry.

Then we walked through the orange, red, yellow and greenish-brown leaves that lay scattered all about us. I told her how the trees in this park looked like the trees in Ohio. I told her how pretty it was there and how much I missed home at this time of year. I told her she is American and that someday we will go there together and I will show her where I walked as a little girl with my parents. I told her how my brother and I would rake the leaves up into large piles and take turns running and jumping into them. When the piles were to flat we would rake the leaves back into one huge pile again. We would do this all day. Running and jumping and rolling in the leaves and raking them up again and again. When we were finished we usually had bits of leaves sticking to our hair and clothes with the smell of the leaves clinging to us as well. We were happy and alive like only children can be running with hot cheaks and bright eyes. With this memory I taught her how to shuffle her feet through the leaves like my brother and I did so long ago. And again I heard the “shucccck, shucccck, shucccck” sound that the leaves make when stirred by feet. She ran and went shuccck, shucccking for at least an hour picking up leaf after leaf for me to examine. I could smell the leaves and earth and feel the cool air on my face.

We were happy.

By the time my husband and Sweet Bear found us sitting on a bench all had been forgiven. We walked back to the car as one little family. The two girls running ahead together in the leaves with my husband and I pushing Boy Blue behind.

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