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My little rain cloud

I was walking down the sidewalk as fast as I could with the huge amount of people scattered everywhere in Strasbourg due to the beautiful weather.  Petite Clown had just told me two minutes before that she had to go peepee.  She went peepee the day before right smack in the middle of playing at the l’Orangerie parc.  We had to leave directly after because it was so bad.  She was soaked.  Nevertheless, I tried in vain to tell her that she needed to wait until we made it to the place des Halles, the mall in Strasbourg.  We were only five minutes away.

I hear Vilay laughing as he says my name.  I look behind me where I see him amused and pointing down at Petite Clown’s stroller.  I am not as amused as Vilay when I see that my little clown has made a rain cloud out of her stroller.  As I am pushing it down the sidewalk the stoller is literally pouring.  There is no way to hide because the path of drips leads directly to my fast moving cloud!

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  • Cathy Y. April 5, 2007, 2:00 am

    Oh, I know how you feel, Pumpkin! It has been my experience that kids (especially the younger ones) will wait until they have to go VERY bad before they even tell you they have to go…and then it is too late. I’ve often tried to get my little ones to go “in advance” of getting to that point…but sometimes they just won’t, especially if they are having fun and don’t want to stop what they are doing. I would suggest that when you are in public, either use disposable Pull-Ups, or if those are too pricey, use conventional cloth training pants with plastic/rubber pants over them, if they sell those there. The cloth training pants are thicker than regular underpants and will hold more, but you can still pull them up and down, unlike a diaper. Good luck!

  • Julie April 5, 2007, 5:20 am

    Oh, poor Petite Clown! She must’ve been having too much fun to stop playing…until it was too late.

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