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Neuf-Brisach, France

Neuf-Brisach was built by Vauban, one of the greatest military engineers of all time. I admire him greatly. I have seen many of his structures since beginning my life in France. I am in awe at the power and beauty radiating from each of Vauban’s fortifications. He served his country and King for over 50 years with a love and dedication to excellence that many never possess.

After our visit to Avallon, France last year I made a post about the city and Vauban. Avallon is one of many cities fortified by Vauban.

Neuf Brisach defensive wall built by Vauban

Sheep used to “mow” the grass around the wall.


Several passages can be found throughout the walls making it easy to move lines quickly.

This is the entrance to the museum which was closed when we were there. Visit Fortified Places to learn more about Neuf-Brisach, France (very interesting website).

Neuf Brisach defensive wall built by Vauban

Vauban is responsible for the covered bridges located on the outskirts of La Petite France in Strasbourg. The bridges have kept the name even though the roofing disappeared in the 18th century. Vauban, also, built the Vauban barrage located just near the covered bridges. Each year, on Bastille Day, fireworks are set off from the top of the barrage. I have walked on the covered bridges more times than I can count. Each time I am struck by the mastery of engineering and the beauty of these structures.
Strasbourg Ponts Couverts

Picture source: Wikipedia

Interesting websites I found during my research:

Association Vauban (fr)

Marshall Vauban Website (en) – a site full of great detail and information

Fortified Places has a wonderful article dedicated to Vauban (en) – a must read!

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