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Night of the Baitchai

Our village will be assaulted by the Baitchai tonight. Starting at around 10 p.m. men and women dressed in white will parade through the streets of our village playing musical instruments, banging on pots and pans or whatever else they are inspired by. Basically the goal is to make as much noise as humanly possible all throughout the night.

I was told that it is impossible to sleep.

Did I mention that it is cold outside?

It is even colder at night. We are talking about below freezing.

I would be willing to bet that it is more than warm clothes that keep the Baitchai going until morning. I don’t know if all that noise is to chase away spirits but I am sure they will be drinking some.  I know I would be.

Tomorrow afternoon is Baitchai for the children of our village. My little stinkers have their Papa’s white t-shirts ready and will be among the noise makers!!!

What motivates children to walk around in the freezing snow besides having permission to walk around the village banging and playing instruments as loud as they can?


All the children are rewarded with chocolate and candies.

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