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No amount of huffing or puffing will blow this house in

When I first moved to France I fell in love with the houses. The houses have real shutters instead of fake shutters that are nailed onto the sides of the windows for decoration. Window shutters in France are used to keep the heat out in the summer, the cold out in the winter and for added security at night.

Roofs are made of red and brown slate in Alsace. The houses aren’t made from wood like I am used to having grown up in America. Houses in Alsace remind me of when I played dolls as a little girl. These houses are like out of a storybook.

Rather than destroying an old house the owners will rebuild it saving as much of the original structure as possible. Great care is taken to restore medieval houses with the addition of beautiful details such as shutters with hearts cut and with professional craftmanship throughout the process.

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