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On Monday…

My girls spent the best part of the day collecting marrons under the tree.  

They are in the bottom right hand corner of the photo with their bag full of marrons.  

While I spent the best part of the day doing laundry.  When I wasn’t doing laundry I was watching them because it was so sweet.

I have heard that you can tell something about a person based on how they hang their laundry.  I am not sure that you can gather much about me as a person from the photo above but who knows?  

Let me know if you do.    

I, finally, caught up on my housework.  Kids have seen a doctor.  Two of them are on antibiotics.  I have had one full night of sleep out of nine.  It was last night.  

Now I am better prepared to tackle the bigger issues of life as well as the daily spills that go along with children.

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