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Once upon a rainy day in Strasbourg

Strasbourg Market

Place des Halles, a shopping mall in Strasbourg, was right behind me as I took this picture. The market was on the bridge that day in spite of the drizzling rain. At these type of markets you can find cheep clothes mostly. I don’t recommend buying anything from them as the quality is generally low.

We had to make two trips into the city in the same day. So, instead of taking the car we decided it would be wiser to buy a family ticket that lasts for 24 hours with unlimited trips in the tram. Buying a ticket from CTS for the tram is a great investment for families living or visiting Strasbourg.

Tram ride in Strasbourg France

Someone had stuck an angry face to make a nose for the happy face on the tram window. Maybe, they had to ride the tram full of people that won’t move for strollers. If you are riding a tram or bus and see someone that is in a wheelchair or pushing a stroller…MOVE outta the way, please!

It amazes me that while so many people are helpful there are still those few that will practically knock you over as you are pushing a stroller just to get where they need to go. I had a young man push past me so he could get out of the tram first. It would have taken him four extra seconds of his precious time to wait for me to push the stoller out.

Tram ride in Strasbourg France

The first time my father rode on the tram with me he was not so in love with it. He came last July for a visit and while riding the tram it began to get PACKED. When I say packed, I mean it. You can’t move when it is that full. Yet, more and more people continue to pile in.

My father said the funniest thing after putting up with being pushed and shoved for several minutes. He whispered to me that if the guy behind him got any closer they would have to get hitched (married). I laughed. It is true that people are more than “too close for comfort”. They are faithfully connected until they reach their stop and get off. Everyone is pushing and shoving in a wave of people feeling not unlike sardines in a can.

Riding on the tram in Strasbourg

Rain on the window. France seems darker and romantic on a rainy day. America is brighter even when it rains. I love both.

Strasbourg France

One of my favorite walks in the summer. There are many trees full of leaves lining the sides of the tram tracks and bicycle trail which remind me of back home. In Ohio, there are trees everywhere and wide open spaces.

Wall with graffiti

This is an interesting wall of graffiti that I see during this walk.

Tour de France Strasbourg 2006

The Tour de France, 2006, is scheduled to begin in Strasbourg. I will most likely be in Ameirca during this exciting event. Angel Girl and I are none too happy about it since we have been looking forward to it all year. We love the Tour de France and watch it faithfully every single year. Oh, well. I will be in America eating all the foods I miss and catching up on the American tv. Seriously, seeing my family is even more important than seeing the first stage of the Tour de France in Strasbourg not on tv, but in person. Now, that is saying something!

Strasbourg Street with tram tracks

To the right on this picture you can see a building that is covered. From now until Fall, in Alsace, many houses and buildings are being painted or worked on. Alsace is a region of busy worker bees. Something is always being fixed.

Street in Strasbourg

I took this picture out of the front window of our car.

yellow spring flowers

I love these brilliant yellow bushs bursting out against the dull rainy colors of the buildings and sidewalks. It is a beautiful contrast.

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  • peepfrench April 8, 2006, 1:29 pm

    I think that you can describe yourself as a “busy bee” blogger, because you always come up with something interesting to blog about and quite frankly I’m having trouble keeping up with you!! lol

    I’m so envious of your stamina, especially for a Mom who sleeps only two hours a night!!!!!

    BTW at our house, we’ve had to endure the neighborhood cats waking us up every night this week (at all hours of the night) although we’re currently sleeping with the windows closed!

    I love your Dad’s expression (describing his predicament in the crowded tram). My grandfather would use such expressions. There are so many American expressions that I haven’t heard in a long time. I really appreciate reading them again. It’s so heartwarming, Pumpkin

  • Alison April 8, 2006, 3:17 pm

    Hey! Nice new look!

  • Pumpkin Pie April 8, 2006, 3:21 pm

    Wordpress got widgets and I am playing….I just switched between three templates in about one minute to see what they looked like. So, I am not sure which one you saw… lol :)

    I think I like this one the best. The thing I like about the widgets is that I can change templetes when I like and maybe even let my readers do the same.

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